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Creating Content

Banana Mail's aim is to make email marketing easy whilst retaining your ability to create sophisticated and professional emails. Our Tools help you optimize your email marketing campaigns. Create great newsletters with our easy to use drag-and-drop editor, or import Word/HTML directly from your preferred HTML program. Enhance your mailings with the ability to attach files, embed images, and customise your subscription form and your newsletter footer. We also offer you a unique microsite where you can archive your newsletters or use it as a promotional landing page!

Creating-Content-AdvancedDrag-and-Drop Editor NEW

Want to create a newsletter quickly, easily yet still have it look professional? Simply use our step-by-step drag-and-drop editor. Using our cool styles and layouts you can assemble it in minutes.

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thumb_Import_From_HTML_Editor_or_Word-AdvancedImport from an HTML program or Word 

Don't know HTML? No Problem! Import your entire newsletter as a Word document, images and all! Design skills a bit more advanced? Create your newsletter in Dreamweaver, Frontpage or your preferred editor and upload it to Banana Mail, ready to send.



thumb_File_AttachmentsFile Attachments  

Want to send an attachment? Problem solved! With Banana Mail it's as easy as attaching files with your normal mail client - send a PDF, an Excel file or a Word document.



thumb_Embed-ImagesEmbed Images

You can avoid broken image paths by embedding the images in your emails with Banana Mail. As they are sent with the newsletter the images will display immediately in your client's inbox when it is opened



Image_Library_AdvancedImage Library   

Within your free image library you can manage and store your images and documents, sort images by name or by upload date, create your own folder structure and preview your images and image properties.



Customisable_Subscription_Form_AdvancedCustomisable Subscription Form

Choose the contact details you want to capture with your subscription form builder. With this you can also add validation and required fields to your sign-up form. This enables you to decide which additional subscriber information fields should be compulsory.



thumb_Customisable_Footer_AdvancedCustomisable Footer

Your email newsletter footer can be customised to display links such as Print as PDF, RSS News and News Archive; disable or customize your privacy link, set HTML and text version for your footer, edit headers, footer text and links. Add social widgets and even change the logo.



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