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Benefits and More….

Create and customize HTML emails

Create and customise email newsletters to your specification for your targeted email marketing campaigns. Upload and store your images. Choose from hundreds of free templates. There are many ways to create your email newsletter with Banana Mail - take your pick:

  • Create your own template with our drag-and-drop editor
  • Choose a free template and modify it in minutes in the Banana Mail Editor
  • Import your newsletter from Dreamweaver (zip HTML and images) or Word
  • Upload a web page and send it as your newsletter


Drag_and_Drop_EditorHave fun with the Drag & Drop Editor 

Our drag-and-drop editor wizard allows you to create a newsletter quickly and professionally with an option to use some cool styles and layouts to assemble a mailing in minutes



Banana_Mail_EditorUse the Banana Mail Editor

No previous experience? With our email editor you can modify a free template in minutes or insert your content from scratch. Just simply drag and drop the boxes and insert your pictures and text. Voila!



thumb_Import_From_HTML_Editor_or_Word-AdvancedImport from an HTML editor or from Word

Confused by HTML coding? Import your entire newsletter as a Word document, images and all! Skilled designer? Create your newsletter externally in your preferred editor then upload it directly to Banana Mail.



Import_From_External_SourceImport from an external source

Import directly from your existing web or blog pages whether it be a pre-existing online newsletter, email template, or product review.



Personalise_CampaignPersonalise Your Campaign

Any field in your subscriber datasets can be incorporated into your message subject line or body for personalization. You can even, for example, personalize the "From" field if you are sending on behalf of a team.



Preview_TestPreview and Test

Prior to sending your email marketing campaign you can preview your work in progress and send yourself test emails, in both HTML and text formats.



Archive_NewslettersArchive Your Newsletters

Archiving your older newsletters has never been easier using Banana Mail's microsite which can even be hosted within your website.



Forward_to_a_FriendForward to a Friend

Use "Subscribe Now" and "Forward-to- a-Friend" links in the body of your newsletter or in the footer to virally grow your readership.



Banana Mail is multi-lingual and fully supports foreign language and double-byte character sets, allowing the sending of both plain text and HTML emails in virtually any foreign language.


Upload-ImagesUpload and Store Hundreds of Images

Upload hundreds of JPEG, GIF, PDF, PNG and even Word documents quickly and easily. Using the upload tool even a .ZIP file can be added (it will automatically be unzipped into the chosen folder).


Manage-ImagesManage Your Images

Create folders that suit your own storage requirements in your Banana Mail account to manage your images and documents. You can then preview and sort images by the upload date or by name directly in your image Library.


Insert-ImagesInsert Images Easily

Images can be previewed as they will appear in your email and then inserted with one click. You are even able to embed any images in your email at the point of sending.


Free_Email_TemplatesFREE Email Templates

Each one of our extensive, and constantly updated, library of FREE "ready to use" templates can be modified with your own background colours, images and text.


E-Flyer_Promotional_TemplatesE-Flyer Promotional Templates

If you have an urgent announcement, a new product or service, or just having a last minute sale, then chose and customise one of these templates. You can even add a ‘Buy Now’ link to your payment gateway.


Non_Profit_TemplatesNon-Profit Templates

Here at Banana Mail, we make it part of our mission to help non-profit and charities get their message out. If you qualify for our non-profit package, you will receive extra low pricing and free templates to use with your fundraising.


Custom_Made_TemplatesCustom-Made Templates

Need something different, custom, created specifically for your campaign? Then get in touch and from only £100 we'll create your design as an HTML email for you.


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