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Free Email Templates

thumb_Email_Promotion_Templates_smallBanana Mail comes with A FREE template library containing over 100 designs, which means it’s quick and easy for you to create your own email campaign using the professional designs available to you. If you wish, you may also import your own HTML (template) files or have one created for you by our design team.

There are a variety of templates suitable for newsletters, promotions, ecards, invitations, holiday/seasonal messages and various business and industry themes. You can read more about these by clicking below.


thumb_Email_Newsletter_Templates-smallEmail Newsletter Templates

Email newsletters are the most widely used form of template. They provide you with a structure for your ongoing client communications. Email newsletters work for businesses and non-profit organisations alike.






thumb_Email_Promotion_Templates_smallEmail Promotion Templates

If you're announcing a new product or service, or just having a last minute sale, then these email promotions templates will work for you. Customise them and even add a ‘Buy Now’ link to your shopping cart/payment gateway on your own website.





Announcing a birth or wishing your clients happy holidays? Then these email card templates will work for you.

These are extremely easy to customise, and add some real kudos to your business when you personalise it with your own logo etc.





Invite your contacts to an event with an invitation template. You can program in auto reminders and RSVPs, and even set up triggered emails that automatically send out emails when certain links are clicked.




thumb_holiday_and_seasonalHoliday and Seasonal

When you’re sending out a holiday mailing, whether personal or business-related, these will work for you.

They are also particularly useful for last minute promotions, rooms etc.




thumb_Industry-smallIndustry Themes

You want something that looks like it was designed just for your industry? We’ve got a number of different industry types and layouts already created for you.





thumb_Your_own_professionally_designed_templateYour Own Professionally-Designed Template

You want something that is uniquely yours or based upon existing design work your company has? Then ask us and from only £100.00 we'll have one of our graphic designers either customise a ready made template already in the system (with your colours, logo etc), or from only £200 make a custom template just for you.





You can see how easy it is to select a newsletter in the image to the right. Note the categories on the left hand side, and the thumbnails on the right to preview them. There are over 17 categories to choose from.

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