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Getting Started

Step: 1 Opening Page

Once you have logged in via our secure gateway at   you will be presented with a very simple, self explanatory screen. Your opening screen will look like this (click on image - right):Opening_Page

On the right hand side (image) you can see the opening page/menu:

When clicking on any of the items in the menu, you will be presented with a user friendly sceen that is very easy to understand.

* Once you have logged in, you may click the help button located on the top right hand side of the screen for brief and simple instructions to operate these features.

Tasks_Completed_GridStep: 2 Tasks Complete Grid

To the right (click image) you can see the tasks folder that is present on your welcome screen. This helps you to see what tasks you have successfully completed.

Select_a_NewsletterStep: 3 Selecting a Newsletter

Click on the image to the right. Insert the newsletter name in the space provided.

Select the 'email / newsletter folder' from the drop-down list and select 'blank newsletter'.

Alternatively, create your e-newsletter from a template provided in your account.


Step 4: Editing a Newsletter

1.    To design and edit your newsletter, click on 'edit', select the folder in which you have saved your newsletter and select the newsletter name from the drop-down list.

2. Click on the 'edit' button to the right and you will be directed to the editor (screen right).

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