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Welcome to our help centre, where you will find the much needed answers to your questions.

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Below are some basic questions that we have been asked before you set up your account with Banana Mail.

Once you have signed up and logged in, you may find a great deal of help and information by clicking here.

It's the first of the month, why have my credits not updated?

Please check when you signed up for your account. The day that you subscribed is the day of the month when your credits will be updated. For example, if you subscribed on the 9th you will receive credits on the 9th.

Are send credits deducted for invalid addresses?

The application will not send to those recipients that have unsubscribed and those email addresses that have hard bounced, this process is automated. This means that no send credits will be deducted for these addresses when making your sends.

The Reports and Statistics function will allow you to view the statistics on each send and mailing list individually.

The reporting tool allows you extract this information and export to a new/existing mailing list or export to a file.

Do I have to commit for a certain time period?

No, you don’t have to commit to any period. If you would like to cancel a subscription or upgrade to a different subscription level, you can use the 'cancel account' or change account' option in the Setup & Options menu.

How can I change my price plan package?

If you have a requirement to upgrade / downgrade the number of send credits you need each month, please call us on 01253 808330.

How do I know when my account has been debited?

You will receive an email stating that the amount has been debited.

How do I make a payment?

You can make a payment using a VISA or MasterCard, debit or credit card through our secure payment gateway.  This gateway is accessible from your account by selecting the “Sign up Now” button or the shopping cart icon. Alternatively, we can take your payment over the telephone by calling 01253 808330. 

How does the billing work?

With the monthly pricing plan, your account will be credited with the monthly send credits fee according to your monthly subscription selected at Sign Up.

With the annual pricing plan, your account will be credited with the annual send credits fee according to your annual subscription selected at Sign Up.

Your credit card will automatically be debited according to the subscription amount and frequency selected. If you selected monthly subscription your card will automatically be billed on the monthly anniversary of your account sign up, if annual subscription you will be automatically billed on the annual anniversary of our sign up.

How does the price structure of your company work?

Banana Mail works on a "send credit" system. One send credit can send out one email.  For example, if you have 2000 send credits, you can send out to a mailing list with 2000 email addresses once, or a mailing list with 500 email addresses 4 times.

If I cancel my subscription, how long will my account remain active?

If you sign up for a monthly subscription, your account with Banana Mail will run to the end of the agreed period and then close.

If you sign up today and cancel tomorrow, your account will remain active for another 30 days. If you have selected an annual subscription option, your account will remain active until the end of that year.

If I do not send out any emails during the month/year, do I still have to pay the monthly/annual fee?

Unless you have cancelled your monthly / annual subscription then your credit card will be charged as normal as this is an automatic transaction for your monthly/annual subscription. Please note that the monthly/annual subscription send credits will expire and will be replenished each month with your allocated subscription credits, they do not roll over.

What is included in the monthly/annual product fee?

The subscription you select will include all the features, templates and management tools in your account, there are no additional costs.

When do new credits get added to my account?

Your credit card will be debited and the send credits will automatically be replenished on the anniversary of your sign up date, either monthly or annually.

Why does it take so long for my account to be verified?

We have a strict vetting process for all new clients. Spam is on the rise and we need to ensure new accounts will not spam.

It can take up to two days to review your account, provided there are no hiccups. To expedite this process don't forget you'll need to upload a newsletter and a mailing list before we can even begin to verify. This is so that we can see the nature of the content you are wanting to send, and that the email addresses on your mailing list look legitimate. We review things such as your domain and we may also request opt-in proof of your email addresses.

We have a good reputation within the industry, and a high deliverability rate because of our anti-spam policies and highly focused client vetting procedure.

Which payment plan should I select?

The subscription you select will be dependent on your send volume and send frequency. We offer monthly and annual subscription plans. The pricing varies for each package. Users sending on a frequent basis would be better to use a monthly plan, users who send less frequently than every month would be better to use the annual plan.

With a monthly subscription:

  1. Credits renew on a monthly basis, any left over credits form the previous month fall away.
  2. Unused monthly credits cannot be carried over from one month or payment cycle to the next.
  3. You can cancel your subscription at any time

With an Annual subscription, the same 3 points above apply.

Does your company accept credit card payments?

Yes. Credit card payments are processed by Worldpay. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Eurocard, Mastercard. Your payment is secure and our payment gateway is certified.

Do you charge per email or per subscriber?

We charge per email newsletter sent to an email address. Your email newsletter costs 1 credit to send. If you embed images, the cost is 1 credit per 100 kb image (or part thereof). If you use an image that is 101 kb you will be charged 2 credits.

How many mailing lists can I create?

Each account is enabled with 20 mailing lists. Should you require more than the specified amount you can buy additional lists. Please call us on 01253 808330 for up-to-date pricing.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Please ask the account holder to write to Banana Mail Ltd, Unit 9, The Pavilions, Avroe Crescent, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 2DP. We will contact you within 7 days to notify you of your account closure. Thank you.



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