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Mobile marketing - sendING SMS/TEXT MESSAGES

With over one in three people globally owning a mobile phone, SMS/TEXT is identified as the ideal route to reach your audience at any time anywhere. Banana Mail' s mobile marketing solution allows you to send bulk SMS text messages to mobile numbers via the Internet. Banana Mail's SMS gateway connectivity offers you access to a high-capacity, secure and dependable SMS messaging system.

1 Global network = 1 Global rate

Send Credits
   1 000
   10 000
GBP (excl. VAT)

Sending made simple

Sending your bulk SMS campaign from the web to mobile phones is quick and easy. Use Banana Mail to import your list of mobile telephone numbers, then create your message and hit send.

Send from your own mobile number

Sending your SMS campaign from a mobile number of your choice allows recipients to identify and feedback directly to you. 

Track your text sends

Banana Mail provides you with reports on your sent SMS campaign: which SMS list you have sent it to, what date your text message was sent, and it will also give you a delivery status report.


You can easily combine your email marketing strategy with your SMS sweeps, by sending out quick updates via sms, and saving your newsletters for more lengthy information. Save money by combining both methods!

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