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Why Banana Mail

Forget plain text emails! It's time to get your message seen and heard with graphic rich content, just like all the market leading companies!


Banana Mail is an easy to use, powerful online service for designing and sending out graphic (HTML) emails.

  •  Send fantastic looking emails from only £9.95 per month!
  •  Choose from over 100 different designs/topics/themes, and personalise with your own images, text and more!
  •  Upload unlimited number of email addresses, with access to over 20 different mailing lists!
  •  Create unlimited number of newsletters and flyers.
  •  View detailed reports of your email sends, with info on who clicked on what and when!
  •  Create subscription forms for your websites/emails.
  •  Upload your newsletter to Twitter, and publish it to other Social Networking sites with great ease.
  •  Connect from any PC, anywhere, anytime online, and send your graphic emails with one click!

We understand that most of our users may have little, if any knowledge of HTML (which stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the predominant language for web pages where your emails are displayed). That’s why our online software requires you to know nothing about it!

Not sure how to create your own graphic (html) email? Well, you are in good company! Over 98% of users who do not use a service like ours, have no idea, neither the time or technical skills of how to create one. The good news is we have made it incredibly easy for you to send out fantastic looking emails that will give your business the kudos and impact it needs to get your customers/clients attention. Check some of our testimonials if you need convincing.

Banana Mail provides you with over 100 professionally designed templates. You can easily modify these with your own pictures, text, banners, movie/audio files, links and much more! It's time to get your message seen and heard from only £9.95 per month!

Our powerful software is very easy to use. The familiar 'Microsoft' editing buttons will help you design your crafted email flyer or newsletter in no time at all! Alternatively, we can design your newsletter from as little as £100!

To see sample newsletters click here. If you would like to hear why your business needs eMarketing, click here. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

“The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”
  George Bernard Shaw
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